We are proud to be sponsoring our Waterproof first aid kits to New Zealands very own Wildboy

Brando Yelavich has made his mark in the adventure world by becoming the first person to circumnavigate New Zealand.

Check out his website:www.wildboyadventures.com

"Gough Gear sent me some of their first aid kits about a month ago just in case I needed them! Today I fell 11m down a cliff and somehow I didn’t break anything. I’m pretty lucky to be honest. The rock I was trusting broke off the wall and down I went." - Brando Yelavich(Wildboy)

"Absolutely happy with the medium kits.

Really love the way the medium ones are set out in the plastic inner casing.Will definitely be a repeat customer the next time I need kits."

- St. Mary’s Diocesan School

Gough Gear are supplying Waterproof First Aid kits to schools and businesses throughout New Zealand


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