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Our Large Roll Top Dry bag design first aid kit meets OSH regulations relating to having a first aid kit and fire extinguisher in every company vehicle. This durable kit exceeds OSH regulations, whilst the fire extinguisher ( 1kg Fire Extinguisher ABE with Vehicle mounting bracket) will help battle any vehicle fire.This kit can be safely stored in a vehicle without risk of damage or getting lost.This kit includes a sticker to indicate where the kit is to ensure that your employees or customers will be able to find the kit quickly in an emergency.

First Aid Kit Specifications(146 Piece)
•210D, PVC coated Nylon fabric
•Roll-top watertight closure
•Quick-Find system

Contents :                                                                                                                           Assorted adhesive bandage x 60 - sizes below:
- 19x72mm x 30
 - 25x76mm   x 20
  - 10x40mm  x 10
Triangular bandage  x 2
Emergency blanket   x 2
Elastic bandage 5cm x 4.5m   x 6
Medium wound dressing  12x12cm    x 4
Large wound dressing  18x18cm   x 4
Non-woven gauze pad 5cm x 5cm  x 8
Sterile gauze pad 4"x4"   x 6
Alcohol prep pad x 16
Antiseptic wipes x 16
Assorted safety pins x 6
Pair of Exam gloves  x 4
Disposable plastic tweezers x 1
Cold pack   x 2
Waterproof tape  1.25cm x 914cm  x 2
Saline solution  20ml   x 4
Plastic whistle   x 1
First aid guide    x 1
CPR Mask x 1

Fire Extinguisher Specifications
1 x 1kg Fire Extinguisher ABE
1 x Steel Mounting Vehicle Bracket
Self adhesive sticker included with this kit, main use is vehicle exterior to indicate item carried and location.Size of sticker 100mm x 100mm


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