Helene 4 in 1 Beanie




The Helene 4 in 1 Beanie is an "all-rounder" as a headcover. It can be worn as a beanie hat and infinity scarf, headband or a face cover. It is made of very stretchy jersey fabric, so it is soft and stretchy and breathable.

When worn as a headcover beanie, the Helene 4 in 1 Beanie shows a swirly back with increased volume, which creates an illusion of a head full of hair being tucked under.

The Helene 4 in 1 Beanie can be converted into a ring. The ring can be used as an infinity scarf/neck warmer, or as a face/mouth cover to take the chill off your face on a cold morning or even help reduce small particle inhalation.

When formed as a ring, if your head size is small, it can be put over a beanie to form a contrast look and form a pop, which upgrades your outfit instantly.

The Helene 4 in 1 Beanie is constructed with soft feel jersey polyester fabric, which is super soft and comfy. It is gentle on your neck skin or bold head.

We recommend the Helene 4 in 1 Beanie for cold weather. 

Product Key Points:

  • Versatile – Headcover, Mouth Cover, Infinity Scarf, Headband
  • Soft and comfy
SKU: 10000-32-2 TAG: Women's

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