Hope Cotton Beanie with Seamless Headband




The Hope Cotton Beanie with Seamless Headband combines two headwear items into one, to create more versatility for you.  You can wear each item separately or wear both together. 

The Jersey Cotton Slip-on  Beanie is made from stretchable jersey fabric (95% cotton and 5% spandex), ideal for those with sensitive skin, great for those with hair or those without hair due to hair loss.  It is constructed with a double layer of fabric and a hidden seam. 

Made with versatility and quality, the Seamless Headband or Multi-functional Hat liner is a super-stretchy tube-shaped headcover. It can be used as a hat liner, a turban, a beanie, a headscarf and more.   

The Seamless Headband allows you to get creative and create an instant elegant look effortlessly. It also adds extra warmth on cold days.  The colorful prints on the headband will instantly add color to your look and brighten up your face.  It, of course, adds volume to your head.  

If you are after a stylish headcover with multiple functionalities,  the Hope Cotton Beanie with Seamless Headband is sure to pass the test.

Product Key Points

  • Add an extra layer for extra warmth in cold weather
  • Colorful prints brighten up your daily look
  • Hidden seams
  • Ideal for covering side effects of hair loss due to chemotherapy or cancer
SKU: 10000-34-3 TAG: Unisex

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