Honor Chemo Slip on Durag




Tailored into head shape, and with an elasticated back for a snug fit, this hat is pre-formed like a cap, so it sits on your head comfortably. 

Made of material, rich in spandex for ultimate comfort, this headwrap is soft and stretchy and it hugs your head without irritating your scalp.

This Honor Chemo Slip on Durag has plenty of gathered fabric sitting comfortably at the nape which can create an increased volume. 

This slip-on head wrap is a great relief for someone suffering from hair loss.

The default size of this pre-tied stretch scarf can accommodate head sizes from 54cm to 57/58cm nicely. If your head size is smaller than 54cm, you might have to tie the tails up for a secure fit or just wear it as it is for a loose fit.. 

Product Key Points:
• Easy slip-on design
• Light-weight
• Great fashion statement with quality, style and elegance
• Great on your bad hair days
• Great bohemian accessory
• Great for all seasons

SKU: 10000-41-1 TAG: Women's

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