Trudi Fair Lady Sun Hat




Featuring a rosette and two leaves on the side, this stylish cloche hat brings an elegant look to your outfits instantly. The slightly wider front brim is designed to block the sun from your eyes and face. 

Fully lined with ultra-soft microfiber lining material, this bucket hat is perfect for people who want minimal irritation to the scalp.

With the built-in wires around the brim, this hat is designed to be crushable and foldable. It can bounce back to its original shape easily. So feel free to store your hat or carry your hat in your bag without worrying about altering its shape.

Constructed for versatility and functionality, this bell-shaped hat is great for many occasions for dressing up and down, including day to day casual wear. With a full coverage to the head, it is also a good choice for people with hair loss conditions due to chemotherapy, cancer or other types of medical hair loss conditions. .

Product Key Points:

  • Wider front brim
  • Elegant
  • Ultra-soft lining material
  • Crushable
SKU: 10000-44-2 TAG: Women's

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