Faith Angora Bucket Hat




The Faith Angora Bucket Hat is your ideal winter accessory. Made from an angora mix fabric, this fleeced bucket hat will keep your head warm and looking fab.

The Faith Angora Bucket Hat has a stretch design for a comfortable, snug fit. Available in a variety of shades, this timeless winter head cover piece is sure to suit most outfits. Its lightweight design makes it ideal to transport in your bag when the weather warms up and instantly stretches back into shape when you want to wear it again.
Each hat features a cute flower embellishment sown into the motif. Wear your hat with the flower at the front, side or back, the choice is yours with this versatile pattern.

The soft, cosy touch of the Faith Angora Bucket Hat will make you feel fashionable and warm all season long. Perfect for wear with all hair styles, the Faith Angora Bucket Hat will compliment your overall look during the winter season.

Product Key Points:

  • Angora mix fleeced fabric offers extremely soft and cosy touch feeling
  • Cloche Bucket design provides you extra warm and protection in the winter season
  • Lightweight and stretchy to fit
SKU: 10000-47 TAG: Women's

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