Ava Bamboo Cap With Removal Hair Extension - 20 cm Shoulder Length




The Jill Bamboo Cap With Removal Hair Extension comes in two parts: a bamboo hat liner
and a premium hair extension.

The hair is extremely silky and smooth. .The thick and soft hair extension
can be removed from the bamboo cap when for washing either the bamboo cap or
the hair extension.

Unlike a full wig, which might be too hot or scratchy on your scalp, the
bamboo cap cradles your head with comfort. The bamboo cap is made of bamboo
viscose – the most friendly fabric for human skin – breathable, soft and

The hair extension is about 20cm long by default. This gives you the option
to cut it to a shorter style as per your preferences.

The Jill Bamboo Cap With Removal Hair Extension can be paired with our
stretchable beanies, turbans or caps for a great look for both winter and

Product Key Points:

Affordable “with-hair” solution

Cooler and more comfortable than a wig

Breathable bamboo liner included

Premium realistic synthetic hair

SKU: 10000-50-6

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