Echo Bamboo Wig Liner




The Echo Bamboo Wig Liner is made of ultra-soft and stretchy bamboo viscose. 

Wearing a wig for long hours can cause scalp irritation for those who have lost their hair due to medical reasons. For those who would like to wear a wig occasionally, the Echo Bamboo Wig Liner can keep your head comfortable under a wig. It is soft and moisture-wicking, and naturally anti-bacterial. It feels cool in summer and adds warmth in winter.

The Echo Bamboo Wig Liner helps hold the wig in place without slipping off the head. It can effectively prevent a silky scarf or wig from slipping off. 

Product Key Points:

Wear it underneath a wig/scarf/hat
Wear it as a snug-fit headcover
Made of bamboo viscose - moisture-wicking and naturally anti-bacterial
Ultra-soft for sensitive scalps
Grips wig and scarves
Great for summer or winter

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