Karma Headband Turban




For women going through hair loss due to medical reasons, getting full head coverage with comfort and style is quite challenging and it can be a stressful experience too.  The Karma Headband Turban gives you the comfort needed with style.  

The Karma Headband Turban is made of modal fabric - soft and comfortable. The main section of the turban is constructed with floral print fabric. The Karma Headband Turban features a band around the crown area. The band around the crown is constructed with solid coloured fabric. The band lifts the look of the turban through colour co-ordination and colour contrast.

The band around the turban provides a playful and practical function.

The Karma Headband Turban provides great size flexibility. The band around the turban can be either spread down to provide full neck coverage for those who had large head sizes.  The band can be tucked inwards, which gives a better fit for those with very small head sizes. 

The Karma Headband Turban is very stretchable and is soft and comfortable

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