Ines Reversible Cotton Turban




The Ines Reversible Cotton Turban features a square knot on one end and a classic turban cross-over  on the other end. The Ines Reversible Cotton Turban can be worn in different ways by showing the featured sides at the front of the head, back or side.

The Ines Reversible Cotton Turban is made of our premium jersey knit fabric. It has 95% cotton and 5% spandex. 

This turban features classic turban pleats/ridges so it can disguise the bald head by increasing the head volume and by providing a full head coverage.

Whether you wear it as a classic turban or a flapper-inspired headcover, the Ines Reversible Cotton Turban is a fun headcover, and it will easily dress you up for a day out.

This line has been tested on bald heads and the featured ridges inside the hats are suitable for most hair loss customers.  

Product Key Points:

Reversible and versatile
Cotton jersey material with great moisture-wicking and breathability
Classic turban – a style that lasts

SKU: 10000-67 TAG: Women's

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