Jill Head Scarf with Headband




The featured headband is soft and stretchy. It has pleats on both the right and left sides. The pleats on the headband create gathering, which can increase the volume of the head. The headband also keeps the scarf staying on your head better by reducing slipperiness. 

The chiffon scarf is sewn onto the headband by also using the pleating techniques.  So around the crown, the scarf is slightly raised due to the fine pleats. This helps cover up the side effects of hair loss. The scarf has two very long tails, and they are long enough for you to wrap the scarf around your head and explore some of the advanced scarf wrapping and tying methods. For those who would like simple and instant elegance, you can simply make a bow knot or most known as the shoelace knot at the back of the head. You may like to have the tails drape down at the back or over your shoulder in front, just like how you would like to place your long hair. We will send you the tying instructions for the most popular tying method along with your order.  

For ladies who would like to keep their femininity and elegance despite the side effects of hair loss due to chemotherapy or alopecia, the Jill Head Scarf with Headband will instantly bring your confidence back.

We have two types of thickness for the chiffon scarves - semi-sheer scarves for warmer seasons and opaque scarves for cooler seasons. The semi-sheer material is good enough to cover your head while it gives you good breathability.  You may prefer to select opaque material instead, or you may like to consider a bamboo head liner to wear underneath the scarf and it is sold separately.

Product Key Points:

Soft and comfortable
Elegantly stylish
Great on a bad hair day
Good for women going through hair loss

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