The Shower Shirt

The Shower Shirt



What is The SHOWER SHIRT®?

A post-surgical, water resistant garment designed to protect chest surgery patients, including mastectomy, hemodialysis, cardiac, lung, hernia, rotator cuff, neuro-stimulation, and external defibrillator patients from water while showering. Why use The SHOWER SHIRT®? To reduce the risk of infection from water-borne bacteria. Surgical drains, ports, and catheters can act as portals for water-borne bacteria to enter wound sites, increasing the risk of  infection.  Physicians routinely instruct patients NOT TO shower without protecting drains, ports and catheters from water. How does The SHOWER SHIRT® help chest surgery patients? The ability to shower safely can reduce stress and anxiety for patients, while also reducing the risk of infection caused by bacteria and pathogens in tap water. Is The SHOWER SHIRT® only for mastectomy patients? The SHOWER SHIRT® is designed for use after any surgery procedure involving surgical drains, catheters, or ports. In addition to mastectomy and hemodialysis patients, 

PROVIDES RELIEF AND SUPPORT FOR THOSE RECOVERING FROM A MASTECTOMY, CHEST, AND SHOULDER SURGERY, and ESRD DIALYSIS PATIENTS AND OTHERS WITH CATHETERS. This post-surgical, water-resistant, garment is designed to prevent post-surgical mastectomy drain sites, dialysis catheters and medical-ports from coming into contact with water while showering.
PATIENTS CAN USE THE SIZE CHART PROVIDED IN THE IMAGES TO MATCH THE SHOWER SHIRT SIZE THAT WILL WORK BEST. Please note that the Shower Shirt tends to run smaller, so we recommend people past the suggested middle size range of each option should order the next larger size. Patients between L-XL and ESRD patients should always choose the plus size of 1XL-3XL.
MASTECTOMY DRAINS, CATHETERS, AND OSTOMY BAGS WILL FIT INSIDE. The shower shirt protects vulnerable sites from water and is also designed with internal 'pockets' and 'straps' to support the size and weight of mastectomy drain tubes.
MADE FROM WATER-RESISTANT MATERIAL THAT WILL LAST. In contrast to trash bags or other uncomfortable and cheap plastic protection, the Shower Shirt is made of high-quality woven polyester that is comfortable on your skin and durable. It is also machine washable, which makes it ideal for repeat use in many showers.
DESIGNED BY A BREAST CANCER SURVIVOR WHO KNOWS WHAT PATIENTS NEED. The Shower Shirt designer developed this valuable product to help breast cancer patients and other people undergoing treatment for upper body issues to be able to shower safely and comfortably. She understands how important it is to find the relief that comes from a hot shower and washing your hair and body safely during a patient's stressful treatment and recovery.

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